The SMART DC Boost Module

  • DC-DC power optimizers decouple string current and voltage from the solar modules allowing each module to operate at its own maximum power point. DC bus voltage in series strings are set at conventional inverter’s most efficient operating point.
  • 8-15% yield gain in optimized systems for little or no cost.
  • Allows for a simpler and more efficient inverter design.
Each SMART DC Boost module performs the localized maximum power point tracking (MPPT) of the connected solar panel. It also interacts with the other SMDCB Modules to provide a total string solution in a compact easy to install package.

Traditionally solar panels are connected in strings of 10 -12 panels combining their voltage output from the strings to approximately 500 volts DC, which is combined with other strings and sent to the inverter that produces an AC output to the grid. Several problems can be encountered in this string connecting system. If any of the panels in the string are shaded even partially or become soiled by birds, dirt, etc., or through a drop of output by normal ageing, the entire string will be affected, lowering the string output by, in some cases, as much as 50%. The SMART DC Boost Module isolates each panel in the string. If one panel is shaded or drops in output for any reason, it does not affect the balance of the panels in the string and the total string output is artificially maintained at 500 Volts DC while balancing current flow to the inverter resulting in a maximum AC output.