About Us

Accurate Solar Power was formed to develop and manufacture state-of-the-art solar efficiency products for the rapidly developing solar generation industry. 

The management team includes a serial entrepreneur and early solar adopter along with aerospace engineering expertise from GE and NASA.


  • To accelerate the adoption of solar photo-voltaic electrical generation
  • To bring the solar cost of electricity closer to grid parity
  • To enable the deployment of smart-grid thinking to tackle climate change at a scale that can make a difference
  • To bring to bear Silicon Valley technology leadership to accelerate this change

Market Focus

We are focused on the fastest growing segment of the photovoltaic industry: commercial scale projects.

We will extend this in due course to electrical utility installations, and with sufficient volume, we expect a trickle down to the residential market.

Actively-BoostsAccurate Solar Power is introducing a range of photovoltaic products based on military designs and technology that take a new approach to tackling the shortcomings of standard installations. Accurate's SMART-system actively boosts output by electrically eliminating or reducing the inefficiencies that currently de-rate the output of solar systems. We tackle shading, soiling and mismatch directly, in devices built with the highest standards of reliability as a priority.

Our integrated SMART-monitoring solution reports data at the panel level to further enhance operational savings.