Accurate Solar Power's "Whole System Approach"
Accurate Solar Power LLC is a successful business that is operated by sustainability and technology pioneer Ronald Newdoll. Ron is the owne... Read More


Accurate Solar Power's "Whole System Approach"

Accurate Solar Power LLC is a successful business that is operated by sustainability and technology pioneer Ronald Newdoll. Ron is the owner of Edison Technology Park, an 85,000 square foot, high technology center in the heart of Silicon Valley in northern California. This is a commercial complex that hosts 40 companies/tenants. The tenants who lease office and light industrial space from Edison Technology Park employ 250+ full time employees. Unlike many of the nation's industrial parks that are 50% unoccupied during this economic challenge, his complex is 100% occupied and there is a waiting list of prospective tenants. Ron feels that one reason for this is that all electric power required by this complex is derived from the sun.

Considered one of the largest private solar systems in California, Edison Technology Park is a unique demonstration of Newdoll Enterprises' entrepreneurial spirit and unwavering commitment to clean energy. The buildings' rooftop has 2,388 solar panels that provide over 395 kW of carbon free electricity. This is a valuable demonstration of energy independence.

Accurate Solar Power LLC is responsible for producing prototypes of the company's latest cutting edge technology: a "Whole System Approach" to providing a solar system design that will have a disruptive impact by saving building owners more than 50% on their electric bill. This system consists of:

Solar Panel Racking System
Solar Panel Cleaning/Cooling System
SMART Radio Controller Module (for controlling and reporting panel output)
SMART 1kW Inverter (The SMART Power Brick).
Single Access Solar Panel Tracker

Solar Panel Racking System

Based on the most efficient solar panel currently available (20%) Sun Power E20/435 with dimensions of approximately 7� x 3.5� ground mount and roof mount at a 30 degree angle facing south in portrait resulting in a rack height of approximately 7� and rack length dependent on roof or ground space available. Racking angle will vary by location. Close side-by-side panel mounting accommodates our patented solar panel cooling and cleaning system. A �� pipe with spray nozzles every 24� is mounted across the top of the array with nozzles directing the water for cooling and cleaning to flow down the panel and collect in a gutter at the bottom. Water flows to a collecting tank for cooling/cleaning before being recycled. The only water loss is from evaporation.

Solar Panel Cleaning and Cooling System (Patent Pending)

Panels will be coated before installation with a nano-technology product that gives the glass a non-stick surface that allows the dirt to be washed off with a moderate water flow, eliminating the expensive and time consuming cleaning with a scrub brush and soap. If more convenient this non-stick coating can be applied after the panels are rack mounted. Numerous studies have proven that frequent solar panel cleaning will result in a 10 � 50% increase in electrical output depending on location, climate and angle of mounting. Another proven technical fact is that the electrical output of solar panels degrade from heat by .4% for every one degree Celsius rise in panel temperature. Solar panel manufacturers test performance in a controlled environment of 25 degrees Celsius. If this reading is, as example 250 watts, that is the wattage value given this panel. If this panel is deployed in a cold climate of 0 degrees Celsius an electrical output of 260 watts would be expected. In very warm climates the surface glass of the panel can exceed 75 degrees Celsius, resulting in a drop in output to 230 watts. By computer controlling the approximately 20 degrees Celsius water being incrementally sprayed on the solar panel surface, it is possible to keep the average temperature to 25 degrees Celsius thereby reducing the power output loss from heat to zero. Also this constant water cooling will keep the panel clean for a zero loss from dirt resulting in an overall improvement in electricity harvest of approximately 30% over solar installation that do not incorporate the Accurate Solar Power �Whole System Approach.�

SMART Radio Control Module

This module connects the SMART Panel Array Module and all of its subcomponents to the wireless network communicating back to the Gateway software. The module has the control circuits and a redundant power supply as well as logging and isolated communications link. All data from the SMART Power Brick Inverter are collected, stored, and transmitted back to the Gateway through this module. Control of the cleaning and cooling system is interfaced through this module. This reduces the number of radios in the system and allows for a more efficient implementation of the required functions. The SMART Radio Control Module is mounted towards the top center of the array to minimize wiring distance for controls and giving maximum antenna coverage for the wireless.

Smart Cleaning Cooling Controller Module

The Accurate Solar Power SMART Cleaning Cooling Controller Module controls an eco-friendly system designed to enhance the efficiency and performance of any solar photovoltaic power system. This module can be stand-alone or used to enhance the operation of other SMART products from Accurate Solar Power.

The Accurate SMART System includes the Power Brick, Cleaning Cooling Controller, Repeater/Weather Stations, GRAIL Gateway, and Cloud Service providing a complete solution. All devices are monitored and controlled through a secure web interface providing the best in system maintenance and control.

Low Voltage Control 24 VAC
Quick and simple installation and management
24/7 monitoring and control
Automated run cycles
Temperature controlled run cycles
Adaptable to other applications
Multiple Channel Control
Wireless Control
Reduced Maintenance Cost

SMART Power Brick

The Accurate Solar Power SMART Power Brick presents a disruptive leap in technology, better performance, and reduced cost of BoS of solar power systems. Combined with other Accurate Solar Power SMART products, management and monitoring of your system has never been easier or more complete. Details are possible from a Bird�s-Eye Overview all the way down to a single panel within your system. Control and manage your installation the SMART way with Accurate Solar Power.

Using Patented and Patent-pending technology, the SMART Power Brick sets a new standard. It is adaptable to cover all of your needs and provides advanced features only dreamed about. The SMART Power Brick and other SMART products and services offered by Accurate Solar Power allow your solar system to operate at its peak while giving you control and peace of mind.

The SMART Power Brick initially was developed as a device to address problems within the solar power market, but it has grown explonentially. By designing and building the best Micro Inverter for the solar market, Accurate Solar Power paralleled the design to address many other uses as well. The SMART Power Brick is more than a Micro Inverter, more than a string inverter, more than a charge controller; it is truly universal and unique in breaking down performance and cost barriers in multiple markets.

The SMART Power Brick Is:
A 1 kW Micro Inverter with all of the expected features
A Charge Controller ready for your DC applications
A String Inverter for use with smaller panels
A complete power package for Street LED Lighting
A Solar Powered UPS system for remote applications
A Solid State Frequency Converter
A Programmable AC and/or DC Power Supply
A Variable Frequency Power Supply
Has Micro Grid applications
So much more�

Cutting edge technology and proven design practices from other fields of power applications drove the SMART Power Brick design. Our team of engineers set out with the simple goal of creating the best solar inverter on the market, but instead developed something much more advanced. Reduced component count, higher-grade components, and making the design work for high efficiency allowed Accurate Solar Power to break through with new disruptive technology.

Benefits of an Accurate Solar Power SMART System
Three Models with Various Output Options to Meet Customer Requirements
Simplified Installation and Design of Systems
Allows for Multiple Orientations and Architectural Designs in the Installation
Easily Addresses Partial Shading Conditions at an Installation Site
Scalable from a Single Small Panel to Thousands of Large Panels
Granular Data Reporting from within the System
Panel Specific Data and Control to Reduce O&M Costs
Panels may be Shut Down for Fire Emergencies or Maintenance Operations
SMART Power Brick has the Highest Isolated Inverter Efficiency on the Market
Adaptive Learning Algorithm for MPPT functions
Communications Designed for both Dense and Distributed Installations
Adaptable to Many Functions within a System
Eliminates Weakest Link Effect and Panel Mismatches
Dynamic Optimization Allows Major Reduction Total System Cost by Reducing the Number of Panels in an Installation
Volume Pricing Inline with Large Mega-Watt Central Inverters
Smaller Sections Improve Uptime and Operates Close to Peak Efficiency
SMART System can Reduce Capital Expenditure by 20%
Additional Controls for Cleaning and Cooling of Solar Panels
Adaptable to many markets and uses, both general purpose and unique

The SMART Power Brick by Accurate Solar Power is the most advanced, best performing Solar Inverter on the market today. It is the best Power Converter available for your power conversion needs. Check out our full line today.

Accurate Solar Power is a Green company. We are committed to the environment and to the future. From recycling, to efficient lighting, to advance heating and cooling systems, our facilities are 100% powered by the Sun. We dream the dream and live it at Accurate Solar Power.

Single Access Solar Tracker

Accurate Solar Power has designed and built an advanced technology single access tracker. One is currently deployed on the roof of Edison Technology Park on building Two. The design for this 95� x 140� building roof permitted a tracker design of 8� in width and 130� long with a slew drive mounted in the center with a controller to tilt the array 45 degrees to the east in the morning and track the sun to a 45 degree position in the evening. Three more of the same design will be added to Building Two by the end of 2014.


The patents that have been awarded to Accurate Solar Power and the patents pending are as follows:

Awarded: United States Patents: 7,772,716 B2, 8,035,249 B2, 8,427,009 B2 Distributed maximum power point tracking system, structure and process

Pending: Application # 10808771.9 Enhanced Solar Panels, Liquid Delivery Systems, and Associated Processes for Solar Energy Systems

As of this date no other company in the world is offering a �Whole System Approach� to providing a photovoltaic solar system design. Our demonstration of this 6-point program


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